What is the story that you ache to tell?
— Amber Rae
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What narratives are holding you back from telling the story that just won’t leave you alone? What mental blocks are muting your creative muse?

Join me to elevate your storytelling to fearless fluency. The etymological root fluere means FLOW, and you – gifted with curiosity, courage, and compassion – are meant to overflow. Together, we will deconstruct the untruths stifling your best self, and unleash the wellspring of creativity brimming within you.

Our time together is a sacred space. I design programs that blend family stories with cross-cultural savvy and hands-on multimedia production to

  • Awaken leaders and creatives to their place in history

  • Cast vision for a more equitable and welcoming world

  • Illuminate your next best steps to grow a legacy of global, multi-generational flourishing



Chrysalis_butterflies orange gradient.jpg