01: Why I Moved to CHINA for LOVE | My Asian American Story

A boy, a song, an identity crisis. What's it like growing up Malaysian Chinese American?


Moana (2016) by Walt Disney Animation Studios
Growing Up Malaysian American by Cai Ping
Durham Aerials by Estlin Haiss
Durham Pilgrimage of Pain & Hope
Wise Advice from John Bucher


"First Rain" – Kontinuum
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“Xia Yu” – Guifrog
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“Breathe New Life" – Scott Holmes
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02: Learning Chinese as an ABC in China

Mothertongue twists and turns!


Local friends and teachers (pretty much interchangeable)
Yinghua In Beijing
Live the Language (LTL) Mandarin School
Loki fan art @_UniTra_
经典咏流传 show by CCTV


“Xia Yu” – Guifrog
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“Don’t Feel (So Low)” – Mid-Air Machine
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“River” – Ikson

Once upon a Mid-Autumn Festival, six expats in China had a picnic in the park. Blame the mooncake, feels, or Beijing air – we spill ALL the struggle beans of finding "home" while following your wanderlust! #ExpatLife

REPPIN' China, Korea, Malaysia, Panama, Poland, Russia, Spain, USA

"Where Do I Go" – Brandon Jonak & Pep.B (feat. Erza James)
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04: TASTE THE LOVE: Meet my FOOD CRAZY Malaysian Family! **Durian Alert**

Feast your senses on Malaysian goodies and shameless foodies! My Thanksgiving tribute to the family that’s taught me to live – and eat – with gusto!

My parents and huge extended family!
2010 Koh Family Reunion Musical
Wonderfood Museum
Durian Rumah Batu, Stone House Plantation

“Waves” – Joakim Karud

Yes, I Am: Whole and Healed

This video is a pulse check. “Where I’m at” in my story of self-acceptance. As I grow and change, it helps me preserve 只可意会, 不可言传: what can only be sensed, not expressed. I have found a peace that eludes words, and I hope you will feel it too!

If you’re curious about the who and where as you watch, turn on captions for context. Or don’t, and enjoy the mystery of my ‘sacred sandbox’ with God.

To whom, one year ago, I said yes.

Yes, I will move to China and explore my roots.
Yes, I will choose curiosity over fear.
Yes, I will open my art and soul to a Creator who delights in welcoming all to the table.

Today, I have far more questions than answers. Yet as more stories come to light – sacred lifelines to my ancestors and multi-cultured communities – the more I feel whole.

With this montage, I honor my foremothers, whose names and stories still elude me, yet in faith and fabric, they speak. I honor the artists I’ve had the joy of filming over the years. You inspire me to tune in and trust, to listen and let go, to finally say yes to a simple truth:

I am who I am. No more, no less. Alive. Complex. Enough. I just am!

'Motion' – the brilliant Peter Sandberg

My family
My China Roots
Angela Kong