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My Summer Reading/Watch List

Remember the good 'ole days of summer reading? Perhaps they were the richest hours of your youth; or maybe you've repressed those memories. Whether you sleeplessly devoured pages or pulled your own teeth to finish (I’ve been in both camps), chances are it’s been awhile since you’ve read a good book for pleasure AND to completion. That’s the case for me. Between review papers and chapter excerpts for class, I’ve fallen into a recursive habit of reading halfway. Radical (David Platt). The World Is Not Ours to Save (Tyler Wigg-Stevenson). Visionmongers (David duChemin). Made to Stick (Chip & Dan Heath). I’ve started off super gung-ho and committed to all of these wonderful pages of wisdom. But soon enough, the schedule restocks. The skimming kicks in. Followed by the selective skipping of less compelling chapters (thanks, Table of Contents). And finally, the “backpack as mobile graveyard for books I *intend* to finish” self-delusion.

I’m very nostalgic for the mandatory Reading Periods I had in middle school (in 6th grade, I read 3-4 quality books per month!). While a reader can satisfactorily put down a book early, I’m in a place where I’m just depriving myself of a worthwhile experience or message if I don’t finish the good books I start. I want to cross that finish line, not flatline!

Here’s to hoping that as we enter July, I can dive into each book and film on my summer reading/watch list from start to finish.

Know of any other books and films I should check out? Comment below! Let me know if you want to read or watch any of these with me - I always love a discussion buddy.