All great stories lead back home.

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storyteller • Speaker • Roots seeker

Chrislyn digs up why we leave, only to return.

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I tell the stories of people on migration journeys, exploring their identities between cultures.

I investigate how the chrysalis of self-reconciliation teaches us to embrace nuance in our mosaic identities, reclaim the wisdom of our ancestors, and use our unique gifts to help others thrive.

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Chrysalis Convos

How do you thrive between cultures? What does it take to build community across borders? Learn from global citizens and creators around the world.

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Chrysalis Chronicles

Part vlog, part assurance to my parents that I’m still alive: I’m documenting my experience as a Malaysian Chinese American living between East and West.

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Intercultural Identity Workshops

We’ll untangle the stories that shape who you are — and harness your strengths as a bridge builder from that magical mess. Together we’ll create a safe and brave space for real transformation.

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Digital Heirlooms

Preserve your family history for generations to come with tailored videos, ebooks, and personal consultation.

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Embrace your chrysalis.

A chrysalis is not a cocoon. Get real about your growing pains, and discover kindred spirits as we navigate cultural crossroads together.

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Feel at home? Let’s connect.

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